gym digitisation made easy

The Future of Fitness is Here

Digitise all your fitness equipment

  • We created a universal sensor for fitness equipment
  • That is installed in 1 second
  • Sensor's battery life holds for months and the product is vandal-proof
Gymstory sensor pin
GymStory Fitness Activity Tracker Foto

So that members can track their workout

Lots of people want to track their workout but they can’t because current options are not good enough. GymStory provides users the best experience for fitness tracking.

Our product gives your gym advantages over competition

GymStory will get members who started to do home fitness back to your gym, attract new customers and give you unique insights in your members.

GymStory Gym Metrics & Analytics for Gyms

Meet the GymStory Team, mission and vision

4 features people like from us

minimise your OPERATIONAL LOAD

You only need swap the sensors every couple months to recharge the batteries.

increase revenue

Attract new customers, create new revenue streams and improve the Lifetime Value of customers.

saved to the cloud

Every exercise is tracked and saved in the cloud. No more blind spots and full insights.

automate repeating tasks

Integrate our software in your internal systems, integrate with you operations and schedule and further automate your gym.

This is what we learned so far

"With this product I can actually see what my clients are up to and if they follow our training scheme. It will improve client outcome!"
PERSONAL trainer
Industry expert
"This is exactly what we've been looking for, because we need our members data to improve our product."
Former CEO of a LARGe gym chain
Industry expert